Level 5: Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner – Children’s Hypnotherapy Combined Programme

Combined Programme: Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner – Children’s Hypnotherapy

This phenomenal combined programme gives you the complete training of two courses. The nationally accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy programme and the Children’s hypnotherapy Programme

What qualifications will you get on this combined programme?

You will get either:

  • Level 5 Hypnotherapy for children and adolescents
  • Level 4 Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Level 3 NLP Practitioner
  • Level 3 Child Psychology
  • Level 3 Coaching Children and Adolescents
  • Plus 2 of the 5 optional Level 3 courses


  • Level 5 Hypnotherapy for children and adolescents
  • Level 4 Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner
  • Level 3 NLP Practitioner
  • Level 3 Child Psychology
  • Level 3 Coaching Children and Adolescents
  • Level 4 Counselling Children and Adolescents

Level 4  Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course with NLP Practitioner

Hypnotherapy Practitioner combined programm children's hypnotherapy

Combined programme gives you the complete training of two courses.

There are 20 modules in the first part of the combined programme. These contain over 600 A4 pages filled with solid information. These pages are not double spaced lines or full of pointless images. The NLP course manual is over 200 pages in length. This is one of the most detailed hypnotherapy/NLP courses available in the UK.

The course super-cedes the requirements of the National Occupational Standards and Core Curriculum. Below is a summary of what you will learn.

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Please understand that much of the theory you will complete at home. And a significant amount of teaching time is on hypnotherapy practical.

Benefits of this course

  • Different income streams – clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner
  • Nationally recognised qualifications
  • Cressinghams discounted insurance scheme
  • Professional membership, General Hypnotherapy Register (GHSC*) and ACCPH. And the full range of benefits these offer their members
  • Membership of the CNHC Voluntary Register if you choose to join
  • 1 year full back-up and support after graduation.

GHSC awards the General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice (GQHP). It is available to all graduates that join them. This is the industry standard course. It is generally recognised as being equal to a Level 4 qualification.

How do you learn?

We go from basics – on Day 1 we assume you have no hypnotherapy or psychology skills at all. That is how we prefer it. We start you off on basic Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner skills. After some days of training we move up to higher level work. Your are training gives you every skill, technique, template and protocol you need. You will learn all that you need for the GHR accreditation and so much more on top.You are not overburdened with loads of out-of-date psychological theory. You get everything you need to be a Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

On your first day you will experience a hypnotic trance. And you will learn how to hypnotise other people on the course – and do it. You will be hypnotised by a fellow student on weekend 1. Not weeks into the course. On the first Sunday you will be using a basic metaphor hypnotherapy script to your ‘client’.

This course moves fast and to CCH Practice Makes Perfect. To us PMP is one of our mantras.


What you get on the clinical hypnotherapy practitioner course

You will some theory during the course. But quite a lot of the classroom time is for demonstrations and your practice sessions.

Much of the theory is completed in your own time from the 20 manuals and recordings provided.

These videos are from previous courses; so it is as if you were in that lesson as part of the group.

The videos are of 6 weekends of live hypnotherapy training. Plus 2 weekends of the NLP Practitioner course. So all-in-all you get the around 16 days of training to watch as many times as you like.

The videos are on an external drive. This will also include pdfs’ of the manuals. Plus pdf’s of scripts for many problems and an assortment of ‘Bonus’ items that will be of use to you.

Printed manuals are in a folder and given to you on the first day. The NLP manual is not printed as much of this work is home study.

Demonstrations – it is a necessity to take part. As are student practice sessions; being hypnotised by a fellow student. These sessions will be observed and marked

Why this course is different to most others

This Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner course is our own. Written by Richard Wain, for Cressingham College of Hypnotherapy. We do not teach a course written by someone else years ago.

The course undergoes regular revision. Until recently this course had 15 modules we now have 20 due to being rewritten and much more content added.

We are not part of a nationwide franchise that sells exactly the same course all over the country.

Level 3 NLP Practitioner Course

This module is a significant part of the Hypnotherapy Practitioner course.

Combined programme Children's hypnotherapyNLP Practitioner Course

NLP Practitioner Course Combined programme

Basic Ericksonian language patterns are integrated into the NLP Practitioner training. This NLP Practitioner training utilises the parts of NLP useful for therapy. It is a Therapeutic NLP Practitioner course.

In the 1950s, Milton H. Erickson developed a radically different approach to hypnotism. This become known as Ericksonian hypnotherapy or Neo-Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Erickson made use of an informal conversational approach with many clients. Also complex language patterns, and therapeutic strategies. The effects of which are rapid and very powerful.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy uses indirect suggestions as they are much harder to resist. Usually they are not recognised by the conscious mind as suggestions. This is because they are usually disguised as stories or metaphors.


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Children's Hypnotherapy Programme For full details of the Children Hypnotherapy Programme;

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Course duration of this combined programme:

The combined programme is 24 days: 12 weekends 4 weeks apart. Due to the amount of time required for self study and practice sessions. You get an extra 12 weeks time to complete all the course work.

You will receive 160 hours of classroom teaching. Estimated time required to complete the course is 600 hours. This is across the 12 weekends of attendance and extra 3 months for coursework. (Many people will take less time than that). This includes the 30 sessions of practice required for the Level 5 qualification.

It is a very in depth Level 5 course. As you can see there is quite a bit of self-directed learning between the weekends. And after the attendance part of the course. An extension of time may be allowed in some circumstances.

Programme times:

9.30am – 5.00pm. Breaks and lunch at suitable times



Crown House, Home Gardens, Dartford, DA1 1DZ


Dates 2019:

Course CC: Jan 19-20;  Feb 9-10;  March 9-10;  April 6-7;  May 4-5;  June 1-2 and 29-30;  July 27-28;  Aug 24-25; Sept 21-22;  Oct 19-20;  Nov 16-17.

All course work to be completed by February 16th 2020

Dates 2020:



Your Investment:

Level 5: combined programme Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Hypnotherapy for Children and Adolescents

Standard Price for both courses £3,245. Introductory Price £2,595

This offer is available to the first 20 applicants on a first come first served basis. Pay in full or just the deposit to hold your place.

Pay-as-you-go Plan

We are not credit agents so cannot offer instalment payments. However; you can pay for your modules as you go. There are 8 modules – your deposit pays for your registration for the course. Each payment after that pays for two modules. You will get the two modules on the Saturday of each weekend. If they are needed for home study prior to the weekend they will be provided earlier.

You only have to give a months notice to quit the course and there are no penalty fees to be paid.

Deposit £195.     Plus 12 module payments of £200.     Total £2,595.

First module payment will be on Day 1 of the course and each course weekend thereafter.

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